WUUD has emerged from Aalto University´s acknowledged design driven innovation creation and world leading chemical wood impregnation know-how.

WUUD manufacturing method produces ready to install, all in one cladding products. For the first time, it is possible to integrate all needed qualities of wooden exterior panelling in a single manufacturing process.

Our aim is to be number one in wooden exterior cladding business.

Unique combination of WUUD product features

Most affordable life cycle cost

  • Maintenance free up to 50 years​
  • Durable against biodegradation​
  • Fire class improvement

New aesthetics

  • Unique embossed surface patterns for countless design variations​
  • Many color options

Completely sustainable

  • No toxic materials​
  • Recyclable​
  • Low carbon footprint


We are a team of researchers as well as product development, design and commercialization professionals.

Vesa Jääskö

Business development​
MA in Design Leadership​
Innovation commercialization expert​
Product developer & Industrial Designer

Hemmo Honkonen

Design and mechanical wood processing development
Interior architect MA​
Furniture designer BA
Author of the embossing method

Halvar Meinhard

Chemical wood processing development
Aalto University​
School of chemical engineering​
PhD student

Lauri Rautkari

Advisor and author of the chemical wood processing technology
Aalto University​
School of chemical engineering​
Department of bioproducts and bio systems​
Assistant professor